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TheIowa.Net offers an exciting range of services to you. Our talented and knowledgeable staff extends further then the technology based Internet Provider status.

We are always asked about our services. It would be convenient to have people think of us just as they do typical I.S.P.'s. But that really wouldn't be very exciting to us, or very helpful to our clients. We believe that it serves our clients better if they are able to draw on the knowledge and experiences of our staff to better utilize the technology in a coordinated fashion to accomplish business agendas.

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Website, FTP & E-Mail Hosting

Our basic World Wide Web Hosting package is designed for businesses to use technology to facilitate marketing and advertising goals, communication tasks, as well as data transfer to and from clients, vendors and other organizations. 

For just $35.00 per month your message is available World Wide 24/7.  Your domain* can have up to 15 e-mail addresses, 3 FTP log-in accounts, and 500 meg of digital storage. 

* Domain Name Registration required... If needed, we can register your domain for a $20.00 yearly domain registration fee.


Business Card Account

Our "Business Card Account" is the perfect way for you to advertise your product or service in an affordable way.  At $125.00 per year for hosting  (less than 35 cents per day), your message is displayed on a one page website.  You also have up to 5 e-mail addresses for your business communications. 

This service is for the business who owns their own Domain Name* giving you the opportunity to Brand and showcase your organization's own identity.

* Domain Name Registration required... If needed, we can register your domain for a $20.00 yearly domain registration fee.


Barracuda Spam Filtering

E-Mail Spam costs your business in productivity, time, and frustration.  E-Mail generated Viruses can be the portal into your company's sensitive computers and network.   

We provide E-Mail spam filtering for Domains.  If you host your e-mail with us or other hosting firm, our redundant Barracuda Servers can stop a majority of Spam long before it reaches your equipment.

The Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall provides a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solution for complete protection of an organization’s email infrastructure. It eliminates spam and virus intrusions that you and your employees have dealt through content inspection based on policy for inbound e-mail.


The Town Square Hosting

Start-up entrepreneurs and main street businesses that need an affordable Internet portal for their products and services may want to consider an entry level web presence under The Town Square umbrella. 

Designed for those with limited budgets, this $75.00 per year hosting package (less than $.21 per day), provides a web page that people can access directly from the Internet.  Additionally, your business is listed in business index with a link to your web page.

 The package includes 2 “” e-mail addresses for your business.

If the one page website requires more pages to accommodate your needs,  additional pages can be added for $25.00 per year for each.


Web Site & Web Page Design


You have seen them, those ads where you can register your domain, select a category, choose from a preselected color pallet, add a couple of words and click - click you have a template website.

Your competitors have seen them too.  Your business is unique.  Your people, products, services and business practices are as well.  Why risk looking like the other guy on the Web?

We will take the time to understand your business needs, and develop a website that addresses your business concerns.  Our knowledge and experience along with insights into new technologies allows us to advise you about your website and marketing strategies for your organization. 

The benefit outweighs the value of the investment you make.


Other Services

Photography - Whether your project involves Architecture, Corporate Portraits, Products, or People Shots, we can shoot for Print or Web.

Branding - We can help coordinate the various aspects of your business to strengthen your brand for a more competitive advantage.

Package Design and Labeling - Logos, Boxes, bags, cans, labels and catalogs, we can assist you to bring your product to market with an identity that is clearly yours.

Copy Writing - If you need support in writing corporate correspondence, sales sheets, product information, instruction sheets, e-mails, Press Releases, and web-page copy, we are able to help you with your message.  


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